The cleaning up never ends

One season has ended with a bang.

Another season is now upon us.

The perpetual mess on the sidewalks and streets remain.

The cleaning operation so much a part of the city’s business continues but it is not enough.

It is never enough.

Last weekend’s weather didn’t help the situation, either.

The summer tends to generate lots of trash and bits of paper, odors here and there and animal droppings round out the scenario.

The city tends to get a bit perfunctory about cleaning during the fall and winter, ramping up for the spring meltdown and a clean-up of the worst mess.

Leaves are one thing.

Trash is entirely another.

Any mess in our neighborhoods is too much of a mess, and the mess left after the weekend storm and the long, hot summer requires an extra, added city effort to undo everything that man has done.

One season ends.

Another begins.

It is a bit like the tide going in and coming out.

It changes all the time but the beach must always be maintained.

So, too, with our streets and sidewalks.

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