Thanksgiving 2010

Everything about our lives and about the well-being of our nation has been put in question by the nagging recession that has cost so many jobs and our belief in the banking system and even our belief in our ability as a nation to overcome economic adversity.

With Thanksgiving upon us, we agree there is much to be pleased with about our existence in this nation at this time in our lives.

We have suffered an economic setback but we have not lost half our population as did the Pilgrims during the first winter in the new land.

The Promise of America remains alive and well.

We won’t soon be marrying any royals.

We don’t yet need a bail out from the rest of the world, which we can be sure would be reluctant to help out if the American narrative came to that point.

We continue to be the world’s bright light where the struggling poor want to be, and where they delight in coming and are able to carve out for themselves new lives and where the sky, indeed, is the limit for a great many of them.

The turmoil we are now experiencing as a nation questioning ourselves about every aspect of our existence shows the depth of introspection and the love of public debate about a frenetic the society struggling to change itself to meet the imperatives of the new age that is upon us.

During this Thanksgiving, there will be lots of talk around the holiday table about where we are heading and of how the challenge of the future will be met.

The Republicans are gearing up to save the Bush tax cuts – even if it means $4 trillion less the US Treasury will collect.

And why not?

The US national debt is, in reality, an illusion to most of us running through our lives and trying to do what we can to sustain our businesses and families.

What difference in our lives will be made by the national debt being lowered?

Even if it disappeared not much would change.

On this Thanksgiving we need to make a harsh reassessment about participating in extremely costly foreign wars that go on without an end in sight.

On This Thanksgiving it would be meaningful if all Americans began to think seriously about making the kind of sacrifice the Pilgrims made in 1620 when they left a relatively easy life in England for the unknown.

They put everything on the line to begin a new day for themselves.

This is what we need to do in order to remain the world’s brightest light and strongest nation.

Thanksgiving 2010 isn’t all about food or football.

Thanksgiving is always about thought.

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  1. Mr Hamid Mahmoodi
    January 8, 2011 at 8:41 am

    22 Burlington Close
    London W9 3 LZ, UK
    UK: 0207 289 9278 Eve.

    Managing Editor
    Beacon Hill Times

    08 January 2010
    Private and confidential
    Re John Lennon
    Dear Editor,
    Very recently was the 30th anniversary of the murder of John Lennon.
    I would very much appreciate if you could help to pass this information to the relevant authority. Unfortunately I have not been able to find the name of Mr Chapman’s present attorney or legal representative.
    I am writing to ask your office to pass on this information to correct authority. Please pass this letter to his present lawyer, police, his relatives or Mark if possible.
    I do apologies for this inconvenience.
    This is important information that is vital for Mr Chapman.
    I have come across these facts that explain how murder of John Lennon was carried out through the hands of Mr Chapman. Please do not be put off by my explanation. This is neither a prank nor I am speculating. I am very serious about this and I intend to pursue this matter until the full fact of this crime and how it was done become public knowledge.

    The criminal who committed this crime was Maharishi. Maharishi was using the Beatles for publicity in 1960s to promote his TM organisation.
    These yogis have the power to take over the body and mind of anyone at any distance or location and run their affairs as they will. This is the basis of the whole scam. If you don’t know about this phenomenon this explanation seems too weird. But it is commonly practiced around the world. How many yoga organisations do you know in the USA being run by these yogis? They all use the same principles to gather disciples.
    Maharishi took the Beatles to India, Rishikesh, for a home coming visit, TM camp. He was using Beatles for publicity and promotion of his work/scam. It was well publicised affair attended by a lot of Westerners. They arrived together at the ashram in February 1968, along with wives, girlfriends, and assistants Neil Aspinall and Mal Evans, and followed by reporters. Ringo Starr left after only a short stay, but Paul McCartney stayed for several weeks. John Lennon and George Harrison left abruptly in April, after rumours of inappropriate behavior by the Maharishi. Apparently Maharishi was insulted by John and George before they left the camp. After they left the whole tour was interrupted.
    This negative chapter in the life of Maharishi was orchestrated by Maharishi’s guru Shantanand. There was a rivalry between them to establish their organisations in the west.
    The facts of these crimes expand over several decades. It needs to be explained and fully understood. Later, Lennon also wrote a satirical song about Maharishi, which went: Sexy Sadie, what have you done/you made a fool of everyone. These facts can be researched.
    Maharishi also made an attempt on the life George Harrison through the hands of Michael Abram in London. Fortunately the knife attack failed and George survived. What happened to these two people was not a coincident.
    I am also victim of the activities orchestrated by these criminals and that is how I have come across these facts.
    If you need some background please obtain and read a copy of ‘Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda’, early edition. This is the autobiography of an Indian who as a young child has fallen in the trap of a Guru and who subsequently, after realisation, set up his own scam and does the same to the others. This may give you some knowledge of the kind of activity these people do and the powers they have. Please note that this book is primarily written to attract people to yoga and you shouldn’t fell for the promotional aspect of this book, love, liberation, yoga and religiosity etc. There are many other specialised books if you are interested available in many bookshops.
    This is not a small issue. The implications of this crime are quite vast and need to be fully understood/ investigated in relation with the current Indian Yoga gurus in the United States.
    You may be in a position to help a lot of people including Mr Chapman who has no idea what happened to him. Please follow up this matter to its conclusion and don’t let the real criminals to get away with their crimes.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Yours truly,

    Hamid Mahmoodi

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