Teaching Proper Manners Will Be Offered at Nichols House Museum, April 3 & 10

First impression and etiquette expert Janet Parnes of Millis show students how to be a considerate dining companion.

On April 3 and 10 (Tuesdays) the Nichols House Museum will host “The ABCs of Etiquette” workshops for children. The workshops, to take place at the Hampshire House at 84 Beacon St., will teach children, ages 8 to 11, skills associated with proper introductions, dining and making comfortable conversation.

“There was such an enthusiastic response to the program last year that we decided to offer it again,” said Flavia Cigliano, executive director the Nichols House Museum.  “We‘re pleased to be able to serve families by teaching skills that will help their children flourish in every area of life.”

Etiquette consultant and Protocol School of Washington graduate Janet Parnes will conduct the workshops. Parnes, who recently facilitated the Royal Tea Party for the museum, will use colorful posters, stories, role-play, and historical trivia to teach the following topics:

Session 1: April 3: introducing ourselves and others (posture, eye contact, the handshake, how to introduce others; responding, titles, etc.); and basic dining skills (when to be seated/start eating, the table setting, napkin handling, holding silverware, cutting technique, etc.)

Session 2: April 10: advanced dining skills: review of basics, plus American vs. Continental eating styles, restaurants/buffets; receiving-line etiquette, eating difficult foods, making comfortable conversation

“Behaving politely doesn’t simply show that we can follow a set of rules,” Parnes said. “Practicing good manners brings out our innate ‘gems,’ such as patience, generosity and kindness.  So, when we treat others with respect and consideration, we shine”.

Each workshop will run from 3:30 to 5 p.m. Children may enroll in Session 1, Session 2 or both sessions. The cost is $55 per child. There is a $5 discount applied to the second workshop for children enrolled in both. To reserve space, contact the Nichols House Museum at 617-227-6993.

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