A Time to Take Stock

The three- alarm fire that happend last week on Commonwealth Avenue should make all residents just stop and think for a minute.

The fire did not occur in a builing that needed rehabbing, but happened in a high end renovation.  As a matter of fact, the origin of the fire has centered on the floor heater mounted to the ceiling. Damage was placed at almost $5M.  Fortunately, there was no  loss of life.

However, when the fire broke out, all the occupants of the three family building had left except one.  And what alerted this occupant to the danger was that the fire alarm went off.

We do not want to think what might have happened if the fire alarm was not operational. We urge our readers to check their smoke detectors regardless of how new the inside of your house may be and just replace the batteries if you have forgotten when you did this simple task last.

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