Police Briefs 03-26-2013

Unarmed Robbery

03/13/13 – At around 3:50 p.m., a male suspect pushed the female suspect into a brick wall while she was walking on Cedar Lane Way and stole her dog purse, containing treats, dog water bottle and metal dog dish. The victim declined medical attention at that time.

Breaking and Entering – Residence

03/16/13 – At approximately 11:36 p.m., a male suspect was arrested at a Pinckney Street residence for breaking and entering after officers responded to a crime in progress. The suspect gained entrance into the residence by breaking a front window in the door.


March 13

250 Cambridge St. – Sick/Injured/Medical – Person

Cedar Lane Way  -Robbery – Unarmed – Street

March 14

67 Joy St. – Towed Motor Vehicle

148 Cambridge St. – Larceny, Non-Accessory from Vehicle, $200 & Over

Mt. Vernon Street – Motor Vehicle Accident – Leaving Scene – Property Damage

March 15

51 Pinckney St. – Towed Motor Vehicle

77 Beacon St.  – Larceny, Non-Accessory from Vehicle, $200 & Over

March 16

59 Pinckney St. – Breaking and Entering, Residence, Night – Force

March 17

93 Beacon St.  – Investigate Person

March 18

170 Cambridge St. – Vandalism

24 Temple St. Sick/Injured/Medical – Person

March 19

Charles St S Violation of the Auto Laws – Operating Unregistered/Uninsured Car

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