TEA Enhancing Soil Quality at Park

Good dirt!

Not the kind of dirt you hear on the street, but the good old-fashioned dirt beneath your feet.

The Esplanade Association is doing great things to enhance the soil quality at the park. We began a composting program in the fall and have six bins going, producing rich soil.

Look out Sam and Harpoon there is a new brewer in town. Fortunately our brew is for the soil in the park.  We have purchased a compost TEA Brewer. Compost tea is a liquid extract made by steeping compost in water. Compost tea is brewed in a special brewing machine and applied to the landscape between March  through November.

Compost tea improves plant health by: adding beneficial organisms and nutrients to the soil; building soil organic matter critical to healthy soil;  protecting  plants from  disease; decreasing run off and leaching; and de-compacting soil.

This all was made possible by your generous support of The Esplanade Association, and that is no laughing matter. Thank you for helping us Make the Park Green in 2013 – without your support we would not have been able to purchase our brewer.

And a special thank you to those that have brewed before us. Harpoon and Sam Adams have been supporting our other brew habit at The Dock Party and The Moon Dance Gala for years with their donations of brew.

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