Special Primary is on Tuesday

Given the timing following the three day weekend, we remind local voters that there will be a special Democratic Primary on Tuesday, May 28  to fill the State Representative seat left vacant when Marty Walz left office a few months ago.

The Democratic primary will be between Jeff Dawson and Jay Livingston.

There has been more than ample time and debates for voters to get to know the two candidates.  The candidates have also been working the neighborhoods.

We urge all eligible voters to get and cast their ballot.

When Back Bay resident Marty Walz first ran for the seat, it was considered an almost impossible task that we would retain this seat given that Cambridge had been added to the district and could control the election.

Through hard work and continuing hard work Walz has retained the seat.

We need a great turnout to show that this seat is important to us who live in this district.

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