Boston Election

First, we congratulate the two nominees for mayor, Councilor John Connolly and State Rep. Marty Walsh, who were chosen on Tuesday in the primary election as well as the eight nominees for City Council.

The campaigning by all candidates in the coming weeks will increase and voters should ask these candidates not only about their concerns, but also about the candidates’ vision for our neighborhood.

Of particular concern for us, should be the candidates’ views on the Boston Redevelopment Authority. (BRA)  Some local community leaders think that this agency has outlived its purpose and should be abolished. Others feel that the BRA. is doing a good job on managing the commercial growth throughout the city.  Of particular interest should be the new residential tower in the West End that was just proposed to go before the BRA that has no off street parking for any of the units that will be built.  This is the first such building and one wonders if there are projects like this development in the pipeline especially in our neighborhood.

Parking in our neighborhoods is difficult enough,  but when you add over 100 new units with no off street parking,  there is a cause for real concern.

Neighborhood  voters were fortunate to have had a large and diverse field of candidates to choose from in the primary election.

We urge all voters to become informed about the candidates and their positions. We for our part will continue to provide the news and report the campaigning fairly and honestly.

Every voter should be ready to cast their ballots on November 5 with an informed and knowledgeable understanding of the issues.

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