Hasson Named to Head A-1 Dept.

James Hasson, a 25-year veteran of the Boston Police Department (BPD), assumed the captain’s post of Area A-1 last week.

Hasson, who joined the BPD in 1988, previously served as captain of District E-5, which includes West Roxbury and Roslindale. He was also the shift commander of Area A-1 from 1998 to 2004, at which time he held the rank of lieutenant.

“I’m trying to ease my way back in,” Hasson said of his return to the district. “Although I worked here previously, a lot has changed in the nearly 10 years since I left. I’m really trying to take assessment of what’s happening and who I have to work with.”

To help with his transition back, Hasson said he was fortunate to have colleagues in A-1, including Captain Tom Lema and Lt. Detective Chuck Wilson, who heads up investigations throughout the district.

“I’m also lucky to have community partners like [Beacon Hill Civic Association Safety Committee Chair] Paula O’Keeffe,” Hasson said. “There are some really fabulous people in the neighborhood.”

Hasson cited homelessness as perhaps the biggest issue he hopes to address in his new role.

“Experts are thinking and talking about it, and I want to learn what I can do to help out,” he said.

Hasson said he looks forward to serving those who work and live throughout the district, particularly the people of Beacon Hill.

“I’m really excited to be back here,” Hasson said “I view my new position as another challenge along my career path and one that presents a whole new set of issues.”

Hasson replaces Tom Lee, who resigned as captain of Area A-1 last month to serve as chief of police for Portsmouth, R.I.

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