Ward 5 Democratic Committee Elects Delegates for State Convention

February 10, 2014

The Boston Ward 5 Democratic Committee held a caucus at the Community Church of Boston on Saturday to elect delegates to represent Democrats in the ward at the 2014 Massachusetts State Democratic Convention, scheduled for June 13 and 14 in Worcester.

Female delegates include Pat Amend, Nina Bollag, Fran Burke, Stefane Desmond, Emelia Encallado, Kate Gallivan, Kathy Judge, Elizabeth Leary, Pat Vinter, Marty Walz and Hale Yazicioglu. Female alternates are Helen O’Connor (First Alternate) and Anna Goon (Second Alternate).

Male delegates include George Alex, Alex Bok, David Crossman, Mike Dash, Rich Davey, Paul Demakis, Mike George, Dave Greenwold, Pat McDonough, Amit Shah, Rob Whitney and Josh Zakim. Male alternates are Chris Donnelly (First Alternate) and Ramon Trinidad (Second Alternate).

Boston Ward 5-elected delegates are not pledged delegates and free to vote for whomever they choose at the convention.

Meanwhile, the Boston Ward 5 Democratic Committee is planning to consider endorsements in the statewide races during its May meeting.


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