Cleanup This Saturday

The warmer temperatures of the last few days have people anxious to just get outside.  For some of us the warmer temperatures had us planting window boxes or for others raking and sweeping our yards.

Still for others, it was time to enjoy taking the dog out for a long, very long walk.

Being outdoors, one notices the amount of trash, here and there on the streets and sidewalks even though the street sweepers have been going through our neighborhood since March 1.  And as a side note on street sweeping, please remember that May has five Fridays, so the signs that read first, third and fifth Fridays will be in effect.

This all brings us to the fact that this Saturday, Boston Shines comes to our neighborhood.

Volunteers will be out sweeping the streets and sidewalks getting rid of trash.  If you would like to help in the effort, volunteers are still needed to sweep or help in the Phillips or Myrtle Street Playgrounds, please call  Shaina at 617-635-2679.

But going forward we urge all residents of our neighborhood to help keep trash off the streets.  Keeping ahead of trash is not always easy as our neighborhood usually has multi tours going on a daily basis.

But, we have noticed on Chestnut Street that dog waste seems to be piling up either having been bagged or not, just left on the sidewalk.  Either case is not acceptable.

On Saturday, our streets and sidewalks will really be clean, let’s work on keeping them this way during the summer.

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