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The BHCA thanks all who participated in the Neighborhood Block Party!

Dear Editor:

Beacon Hill residents and friends gathered on sunny Mount Vernon Street on September 14 to participate in the annual Neighborhood Block Party.

The Beacon Hill Civic Association would like to thank the 20 non-profit participants who set up tables and provided activities for families and their children for the event.  Cookie decorating, carnival games, and fun crafts were available for kids of all ages. The Boston Fire department provided children the unique experience of being in a fire truck.  For those who wanted another adventure, Boston Duck Tours also presented the opportunity to explore one of their amphibious vehicles.  Used book sales, historic tours, and the annual dog show were also among the family-friendly highlights throughout the afternoon.

Special thanks to 75 Chestnut for the hot dogs and buns; Anna’s Taqueria for the burritos and chips; JP Licks for the ice cream; Seven’s Ale House for the sangria; Whole Foods for the water; Hingham Savings, Hill House, NRO, Peet’s, and Linear Retail.

Beacon Hill Civic Assoc.

Reader to vote ‘no’ on Question 2

Dear Editor:

It is my hope that all Beacon Hill residents are taking a close look at Question 2, which will appear on this November’s ballot. The referendum seeks to add 5-cent deposits to countless additional beverage containers.

As someone who cares greatly about our environment, I’ve concluded that this proposal is simply not sound public policy. I have a hard time seeing how it would improve recycling, but can see quite clearly how it would burden all of us.

I recycle at the curb every week: water bottles, yogurt containers, papers, you name it. If Question 2 passes, none of that will change. The only difference is that I’ll then be paying an additional 5 cents on a number of containers  – money that will go to politicians.

Question 2 supporters insist that I have the option of retrieving my nickels. That would require driving to the grocery store, which of course means more carbon emissions, waiting in line to feed these containers into a vending machine and then coming home and driving around to find a parking space.

I’m in favor of going the extra mile if it will help recycling, but in this case, I can achieve the same result by recycling at the curb. Our community pays for a convenient and modern recycling program, and we should be able to use it. For these reasons, I’ll be opposing Question 2.

Tobey Glazier

Hancock Street

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