BHAC Agenda

 Beacon Hill Architectural Commission will hold a public hearing: on in Room 801, Boston City Hall

Subject of the hearing will be applications for Certificates of Appropriateness on the agenda below, review of architectural violations, and such business as may come before the commission, in accordance with Ch. 616 of the Acts of 1955, as amended. Applications are available for public inspection during business hours at the offices of the Environment Department. Applicants or their representatives are advised to attend, unless indicated otherwise below. Sign language interpreters are available upon request.

After 5:30 p.m., enter and exit City Hall at the Dock Square entrance on Congress Street (across from Faneuil Hall).

4:00 PM

Application 15.722 BH 66 Charles Street

Applicant: Persona Jewelry (tenant): Install fascia sign and vinyl window decals

4:20 PM

Application 15.779 BH 47 Pinckney Street

Applicant: Marc Beaulieu (contractor): Repair and repaint garage door; repaint front door black

II. Administrative Review/Approval: In order to expedite the review process, the commission has delegated the approval of certain work items, such as those involving ordinary maintenance and repair, restoration or replacement, or which otherwise have a minimal impact on a building’s appearance, to the staff pending ratification at its monthly public hearing. Having been identified as meeting these eligibility criteria and all applicable guidelines, the following applications will be approved at this hearing:

,No further correspondence will be required for the applications listed below: the electronic building-permit application as annotated by commission staff will constitute your Certificate of Appropriateness; this will be valid for two years from the date of the hearing. The applicant is required to notify the commission of any project changes; failure to do so may affect the status of the approval.

If you have any questions not addressed by the above information, please consult the staff at the telephone number above, or at [email protected]. Thank you.

Application 15.773 BH 32 Anderson Street: Replace 12 vinyl 1/1 windows with appropriate wood 1/1 units

Application 15.750 BH 80 Beacon Street: Masonry repairs and repointing at rear (visible from River and Brimmer Streets)

Application 15.766 BH 93 Charles Street: Replace 30 wood 6/1 and 18 wood 4/1 windows in kind; repaint wood window bays in kind; replace copper downspouts

Application 15.720 BH 103 Myrtle Street: Repaint recessed entry and door in kind

Application 15.730 BH 33 Pinckney Street: Replace front steps in kind; reseal glass blocks in sidewalk

Application 15.705 BH 73 Pinckney Street: Replace paneled basement door in kind

Application 15.732 BH 87 Pinckney Street: Replace 2 wood 2/2 dormer windows in kind

Application 15.772 BH 112 Revere Street: Repoint east elevation; restore concrete storefront; clean masonry; repaint windows in kind Application 15.751 BH 30 Temple Street: Replace 3 wood 2/2 dormer windows in kind

Application 15.719 BH 9 Walnut Street: Remove a portion of sidewalk to make below grade repairs; rebuild sidewalk in kind using existing bricks

Application 15.721 BH 72 West Cedar Street: Modify existing window grate to allow for egress


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