Blizzard of ’15

We have been fortunate so far this winter in avoiding a major snowstorm but Mother Nature is unleashing her fury today with a blizzard. Those of us who were around for the Blizzard of ‘78 remember the devastating effects that storm had on the entire Greater Boston area. Motorists were stranded on highways and forced to abandon their vehicles. Air travel was at a standstill and schools and colleges canceled classes for days. We remember the many hockey fans enjoying the Beanpot at the old Boston Garden and the difficulties they endured in trying to get home. The blizzard was a truly a life-altering, meteorological event. As the Beacon Hill Times was going to press, there were reports that winds were expected to reach hurricane force to accompany the expected snowfall. With the snowfall being projected as massive, we remind residents to undertake the difficult task of clearing their sidewalks of snow and getting their vehicles ready for travel. In our neighborhood the snow storm means that on-street parking will be at a premium. The good news is that spring is less than two months away and the snow will hopefully quickly melt. We are all hearty New Englanders, after all.

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