Manager Says Peet’s to Stay Charles Street Coffee Shop

Adam Schuhose wants to make one thing clear: the Peet’s Coffee & Tea store he manages at 62-66 Charles St. isn’t slated to become a bank branch.

“While I’m here, it will remain a retail location and not become a bank,” said Schuhose, a 28-year-old Long Island native who has worked at various area locations of the Bay Area-based coffee-shop chain over the last seven years. “We don’t even have an ATM.”

The root of this confusion: Burlington-based Linear Realty had struck a deal with Capital One of Virginia to rent the former home of the Charles Street Market for use as a bank branch, but ultimately withdrew its application with the city in early 2012, amid strong opposition from the Beacon Hill Civic Association and community.

And while Peet’s shares some retail spaces with the bank under the Capital One 360 Café moniker, Schuhose said a different department of the company than handles that operation.

Schuhose said Peet’s is now undergoing a large expansion that will allow it to compete with Starbucks and other coffee giants on a retail level.

“We’ll be able to compete with the big chains on a scale where we couldn’t before,” Schuhose said, “but we’ll still keep to our roots and offer the quality products that we’re known for.”

Under Schuhose’s direction, Peet’s intends to participate more in the Beacon Hill community: It is among the sponsors of the Beacon Hill Civic Association’s Neighborhood Block Party, scheduled for Sept. 20, and he anticipates future partnerships with that organization, as well as the Beacon Hill Business Association.

“Peet’s has always been involved in the communities where the stores are located, and we’re looking forward to being more active on Beacon Hill,” S

Adam Schuhose, manager of Peet’s Coffee & Tea at 62-66 Charles St.

Adam Schuhose, manager of Peet’s Coffee & Tea at 62-66 Charles St.

chuhose said.

Moreover, Schuhose views Peet’s as a “second home” for neighborhood residents.

“There’s a great atmosphere in the store,” Schuhose said. “We provide a relaxed, quiet and peaceful place for people to enjoy some coffee, read, do some work and talk with friends.”

Schuhose also invites neighbors to come in to the store and introduce themselves, adding that the true joy of his job comes from meeting new people.

            “I encourage anyone to come in and talk to me,” he said.

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