Letter to the Editor

Do not change street sweeping program

Dear Editor:

I read with great interest the editorial of April 18 regarding the City’s considering the possibility of replacing towing with a possible $90 fine.

I am in complete agreement with the views expressed in the editorial, that the substitution of towing with a fine will not keep our streets clear of cars on street sweeping days.Aside from the low deterrent impact of this relatively low fine, without towing, the streets are not cleared for the sweepers to access them, doing nothing for the problem.

As many of us who have been here since before the towing program was instituted can attest that the only thing that guarantees well-swept streets is the towing of illegally parked cars. Fines didn’t work, and I am fairly certain — given the transient nature of many residents — won’t work now either.

The Beacon Hill Civic Association has been a strong supporter of towing and we thank the City for continuing this key effort on Beacon Hill.

Rajan Nanda

Chair: Streets and Sidewalks Committee (BHCA)

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