Charles Street

Driving down Charles Street recently, two bicyclists were going the wrong way heading towards Cambridge Street.  While there is nothing new in these bicyclists or skateboards going down the wrong way on Charles St. or for that matter on Bowdoin Street, action needs to be taken as there is an accident waiting to happen.

First, the bicyclists could get hit by a car, as they race down the streets as if in they were in the Tour de France, but going the wrong way.

On Bowdoin Street, a pedestrian was recently half a step away from being hit by a skateboarder in the wrong lane.  A few years back, a pedestrian was getting ready to cross Newbury Street, checked the light and traffic and started to cross the street when he was struck by a bicyclist going the wrong way.  The man was in a coma and then had months of rehab to undergo.  The bicyclist only needed to buy a new bike.

There is a fine of $20 for a bicyclist who breaks the rules.  We suggest that a police officer in training be put on Charles St. to catch these lawbreakers at peak travel time.

However, motorists also have a responsibility.  With bicycles becoming a more common means of transportation, motorists must know their responsibilities such as checking for an oncoming bicyclist before opening their car door.

We are all in favor of bicycling for economic, traffic and environmental reasons, but also especially as the weather gets better.  Evidence of the community embracing bicycling in Boston is seen by the number of bike lanes that have been made and the number of bicycle rental sites.

But, there are rules that should be obeyed.  Most are common sense, so just do it.

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