Thursday’s Primary Results are Posted

By Beth Treffeisen

Last Thursday, Massachusetts voters cast their ballots in the state primaries. Due to the Labor Day holiday, the election was held later in the week, landing on the first day of school for Boston Public Schools. Due these events and the fact that there were few contested races the voter turnout was less than 10 percent.

Below are the results for the Beacon Hill races:

Representative in Congress for the Eight District

Democrat, Stephen F. Lynch of 55 G St., Boston, uncontested.

Republican, William Burke of 64 Bromfield St., Quincy, uncontested.


Councillor in the Sixth District

Democrat, Terrerence W. Kennedy of 3 Stafford Rd., Lynnfield, Present Governor’s Councillor; candidate for re-nomination, received 75 percent of the votes at 31,674.

Democrat, Stephen Borelli, 24 Hanover Ave., Boston, received 18 percent at 7,581.

Democrat, Richard J. DiMeo, 50 Monmouth St., Boston, received 7 percent at 2,925.


Senator in General Court, First Suffolk & Middlesex District

Democrat, Joseph A. Boncore of 39 Sagamore Ave., Winthrop, uncontested.

Representative in General Court, Eighth District

Democrat, Jay D. Livingstone of 19 Revere St., Boston, current state representative, received 100 percent of the vote at 1,515.


Sheriff, Suffolk County

Democrat, Steven W. Tompkins of 196 Williams Ave., Boston, Present Sheriff; candidate for Re-nomination, received 77 percent of the vote at 24,764.

Democrat, Alexander Rhalimi of 34 Highland St., Revere, received 23 percent of the vote at 7,440.

Register of Deeds, Suffolk District

Democrat, Stephen J. Murphy, 141 Warren Ave., Boston, former City Council President, County Commissioner, received 32 percent of the vote at 10,995.

Democrat, Katherine V. Forde, 670 Hyde Park Ave., Boston, received 27 percent at 9,165.

Democrat, Stepanie L. Everett, 197 Manchester St., Boston, received 11 percent at 3,902.

Democrat, Douglas Bennet of 37 South Munroe Ter., Boston, received 10 percent at 3,310.

Democrat, Jeffrey Michael Ross, 554 B Massachusetts Ave., Boston, received 10 percent at 3,593.

Democrat, Paul f. Nutting, JR., 385 Savin Hill Ave., Boston, received 8 percent at 2,736.

Democrat, Michael B. Mackan, 39 Bearse Ave., Boston, received 2 percent at 817.

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