Fundraiser Aims to Call Attention to Gas Leaks

By Dan Murphy

An upcoming fundraising event at Hampshire House intends to bring the issue of natural-gas leaks throughout Massachusetts to the forefront.

Ania Camargo, who is heading the statewide gas-leak campaign for Mothers Out Front, which she describes as a  “grassroots movement made up of mothers, grandmothers and other caregivers who care passionately climate change and are working a swift and just transition towards renewable energy,” will be on hand at the event.

Camargo will lead a brief talk on gas leaks throughout Beacon Hill and downtown and how local residents can get involved in Mothers Out Front. She will also discuss a study that the group plans to undertake to identify and fix the largest gas-leaks in the state. Besides encouraging local residents to get involved, Camargo has extended an invitation to speak at the event to other researchers and advocates working on the issue.

Guests will be treated to cocktails and appetizers following the discussion.

The fundraising event takes place at Hampshire House, located at 84 Beacon St., on Tuesday, Oct. 25, at 6 p.m.

            To learn more about Mothers Out Front, visit

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