Letter to the Editor

‘What ever happened to  affordable housing?’

Years ago, I wrote an article about affordable housing, or lack thereof, in the City of Boston. Now, 14 years later, I’m still wondering, “What ever happened to affordable housing?”

“Luxury Condos” are going up everywhere. Here on the West End, we were told that residents “requested” more luxury condos.” The BRA has happily granted that  “request” along with the mayor, to build more condominiums in an area that is  already crowded.

The old West End was refurbished to make way for, what they were told, more affordable housing. Well, we all know what happened there!

If it weren’t for the uproar of senior citizens in the North End, one of   their prize possessions would have been knocked down to make way for more “luxury condos.”

Basically, there is nothing for senior citizens in the City of Boston. Paying $2,400 for a small studio, (and by the way, you can get a one bedroom for that same price, across the way on Martha Road, if I’m able to say that), is not affordable for a senior who is living on Social Security.

So, I want to ask the mayor, and Beacon Hill, What happened to affordable housing? Where are the units that guarantee seniors comfortable living for a rental   fee that can be deducted form a Social Security check and still leave   enough for food and sundries.

It’s wonderful that Boston is being rebuilt, but in the interim, senior citizens are being forgotten. We don’t need a “little New York” where the   economy is forcing residents to leave the city and move to the suburbs.

Enough “luxury condos”! What we need is genuine affordable housing.

Warren Benson

West End


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