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Public Forum on Bicycling held Nov. 16


By Suzanne Besser, BHCA President

Last week the Beacon Hill Civic Association Traffic & Parking Committee looked toward the future when it turned to the Boston Cyclists Union representatives for a discussion about how to make bicycling safer in the downtown neighborhoods.

“With our dense urban setting, the BHCA memberships understand that bicycling will have a significant role in any future transportation policy solutions,” said Committee Chair Ben Starr. “Building a relationship with the Boston Cyclists Union provides an opportunity for open dialogue and fresh ideas that are always welcome in our community.”

The Cyclists Union is an advocacy group whose mission is to help Bostonians lead healthier lives by promoting everyday use of the bicycle for transportation. Among other initiatives, it helps organize neighborhood residents looking for friendlier street designs, bike paths and public spaces. The discussion at the meeting focused primarily on several alternatives available to provide a safer bicycling infrastructure on Beacon Hill’s busiest streets and the implications of doing so.

In response to concerns expressed about bicyclists who currently disobey laws regarding traffic lights and one-way streets such as Charles Street, the Union’s Community Organizer Doug Johnson urged the Committee to address the culture of bicyclists. “If you provide the right infrastructure, they are more likely to obey the laws,” he said. “Put them in a safe place where they trust the system and they have a high rate of compliance.”

Starr said the Committee looks forward to working with the Cyclists Union to find safe solutions to biking on Beacon Hill.


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