Thank You to All the Volunteers

For those of us living on Beacon Hill, the gas street lights are part of the charm of this historic neighborhood.  For most of the year, these black poles remain a throwback to a quaint earlier century.

However, during the holidays, these poles are transformed into beautiful ornaments as  garlands and red bows are placed on the more than 1,100 street poles.  Ivy A. Turner, a stalwart of this event, pointed out as she was getting ready to go up the ladder to decorate, “this is the 17th year that the entire Hill has been decorated, and the 22nd year since it was started on Charles St. ”

To all the voluteers who gave up their weekend to get this task done, a thank you is in order.  A thank you also goes out to all those who contributed with a donation to buy the decorations, especially Tom Kershaw who hosted the fundraiser for this event again at the Hampshire House. The Beacon Hill Civic Association deserves a thank you for again taking the lead to get the job done.

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