Conservation Commission Position Seeks Nominations

The City of Boston needs to fill a vacancy on its Conservation Commission by mayoral appointment. The ConComm is responsible for protecting wetlands and related natural resources in Boston.

The only formal requirement for a conservation commissioner is residence in Boston. Background in wetlands and project review is welcome from a wide variety of perspectives: science, law, planning, and development. Of course, the position requires someone who is deeply interested in the future of the city and willing to commit time and energy for that purpose. You can find more information about ConComm at

Although a couple of the commission seats are reserved for formal nominations from certain environmental organizations, this is not one of those seats. However, if interested candidates are a member of one of those organizations that does not preclude you from making a suggestion now.

If you would like to suggest someone, please send to Carl Spector, City of Boston Commissioner of the Environment, the name and some contact information as well as a sentence or two on why this person would be a good choice.

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