BHAC Agenda

The commission will hold its monthly public hearing on Thursday, March 15, 2018 starting at 5 p.m. at,

Boston City Hall

1 City Hall Plaza

Piemonte Room (5th Floor)

Boston, MA 02201

The following items are on the agenda:Violations

18.964 BH 86 Beacon Street: Install security camera at side rear entry; install security panel at side rear entry.


Design Review

18.967 BH 140 Mount Vernon Street: Replace all front-facing, second floor wood 9/9 sashes changing muntin bars from 1” to 1 1/8” to allow for double-pane insulated glass.


18.959 BH 16 Pinckney Street: Replace front entry doors, jambs, transom side panels and ceiling panel in main entry in kind.


18.970 BH 66 Beacon Street: Mount 4’-0”x 3’-0” display cabinet in recessed entry.


18.945 BH 92B Pinckney Street: Install 3’-0” x 2’-0” sign on Pinckney Street elevation.


18.968 BH 70 Revere Street: Install fire escape in courtyard from ground floor to rooftop as required by code; recess secondary door at front elevation.


18.962 BH 38 Irving Street: Replace 13 aluminum windows on front elevation with 6/6 wood true divided-lite windows in existing dimensions; replace existing sills and lintels with concrete; replace non-original secondary door to match existing; replace existing gutters and downspouts with copper to match existing; re-clad dormer with slate shingles (see also Administrative Review/Approval work below).


18.972 BH 112 Myrtle Street: Replace front door, transom and trim to match existing; Install new pedestrian gate at alley; Install new door opening at rear alley; install strobe at front façade as required by code; install new roof deck (see also Administrative Review/Approval work below).


Administrative Review/Approval

18.965 BH  36 Beacon Street: Repair brownstone and repaint to match existing; replace copper gutter, apron and flashing to match existing; reconstruct missing sections of fascia and soffit; replace missing slate.


18.927 BH  49 Beacon Street: Repoint brick courtyard wall to match existing.


18.966 BH  56 Brimmer Street: Replace copper conductor pipe; install copper wall cap on parapet to match adjacent.


18.885 BH  29A Chestnut Street: Repair and repaint exterior wood trim at windows and entrance in kind.


18.969 BH  32-34 Hancock Street: Replace three non-original wood windows on rear elevation with 6/6 wood true divided-lite windows to match existing.


18.962 BH  38 Irving Street: Reconstruct chimney as required with brick and mortar to match existing on structure; repoint brick façade (see also Design Review work above).


18.971 BH  73 Mount Vernon Street: Repoint sections of front elevation with mortar to match existing.


18.972 BH  112 Myrtle Street: Repair and repaint existing fire balcony; repair and repaint cornice; repair and repaint metal oriels (see also Design Review work above).


18.963 BH  3 Walnut Street: Replace six aluminum windows on structure with wood, true-divided lite windows in existing dimensions and lite configuration.


18.930 BH  3 West Cedar Street: Repair and repaint front door and surround.


18.931 BH  35 West Cedar Street: Replace wood flower boxes on front windows and paint black.


Advisory Review

42 Irving Street: Expand existing rooftop dormer.

Review and Ratification of February 15, 2018 Minutes

Staff Updates


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