Nourish Your Soul Opens in Beacon Hill

In a quest to help people feel better and get healthy, Susan Cabana continues to bottle her favorite nourishing juices and nutritious snacks in her newest store in Beacon Hill.

Susan Cabana in her new store on Beacon Hill, holding a lavender charcoal lemonade.

Located on Cambridge Street next door to Soul Cycle, this will be her third cold-press juice location called Nourish Your Soul.

The store features cold press juices and superfood shots with ginger and turmeric to fight the flu season. For beauty and immune boast, smoothies including blueberry banana and cherry almond. Beyond the drinks, the store also has healthy bites such as smoothie bowls, cereals, and even avocado toast.

Cabana’s story began one night more than a decade ago when she unexpectedly lost her husband of 10 years. At age 37, she was left to raise her three daughters at the time 1, 3, and 5 years old and pick up life’s pieces. Then, in 2008, the economic crash lead to her being laid off from her 18-year career on Wall Street.

After wrestling with the depths of fear and devastation, Cabana decided she needed to make a change. To keep living and to live well, for herself and her daughters she committed to healing herself.

“Eating healthy food and running was really healing and eventually I started to do yoga every day,” said Cabana.

She also got into drinking juice and creating her own recipes to feel healthier and take care of herself.

“Food is healing when you go down that path,” said Cabana. “It really does ‘nourish your soul’.”

Around 2009, Cabana decided she wanted to pursue a career of helping people heal through a way of living that incorporates movement, meditation, gratitude, and sustaining their bodies through nutrition.

In her private practice she urged her clients to start drinking juice as a way to pack super foods into their diet.

“They all said that they loved it, but they didn’t have the time do it,” said Cabana. “So I said, what if I make it for you?”

By 2012, Cabana opened her first juice-press store in West Medford, where she gained a community of loyal customers looking to better their health. She later opened her second store in Winchester with the same success.

Cabana said she’s been wanting to come to Beacon Hill for a long time and was excited to finally find the perfect location.

“It’s the perfect community,” said Cabana. “I really want to help people who live and work here.”

Cabana said she didn’t just want to jump on the juice craze. Everything she puts out is super healthy with ingredients used to help specific problems. If you need a digestive aid she’s got you, if you are feeling under the weather there’s a juice for that or if you want to feel energized and focused there are specific blends to help one do that.

“I want to help people feel good,” said Cabana.

Cabana comes up with each juice herself, beginning with ingredients that for example fight inflammation such as turmeric and then add flavors like ginger and lime until it tastes good.

The juices are cold-pressed and bottled in Winchester and most of the food is made in-store.

“I want everyone to come in and try for themselves because I want to help people feel happy,” said Cabana.

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