Jordan Whitney’s Film Shown at BPL

Jordan Whitney, a third grade student at the Eliot Public School in the North End, who resides with her family on Phillips Street on Beacon Hill,  had her film screened at the 7th Annual 90-Second Newbery Film Festival, that took place at the Boston Public Library’s Rabb Auditorium in Copley Square on Saturday, April 28.  Jordan had

Jordan Whitney

 submitted a video earlier this year to the 7th Annual 90-Second Newbery Film Festival, an annual video contest in which young filmmakers create short movies that tell the entire stories of Newbery-winning books in about a minute and a half.  Every year, the organizers of the contest show the best movies they receive at special-event screenings in cities around the country.  The film festival was founded by James Kennedy, author of the young-adult fantasy The Order of Odd-Fish.  

Hundreds of videos are submitted to this festival every year and this year Jordan’s film, based on Katherine Appleton’s book, The One and Only Ivan, was selected to be among the best movie entrants from the Boston area to be screened at the Boston-area film festival that took place this past weekend.  Over one hundred adults and children attended the film festival on Saturday.  After the festival, Jordan appeared on stage with the film festival hosts, James Kennedy and National Book Award winner M.T. Anderson, along with other Boston-area young filmmakers.  For more information about the festival – and to see Jordan’s film – please visit:”

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