DCR Completes Restoration Work on Mugar Way Sidewalk

The Department of Conservation and Recreation recently completed a $140,000 restoration of the David G. Mugar Way sidewalk, according to Commissioner Leo Roy.

Department of Conservation and Recreation Commissioner Roy is seen on the recently repaired David G. Mugar Way sidewalk.

The work area extends from Beaver Place nearly to Charles Street, and the scope of the project included repaving the sidewalk, which had fallen into a state of disrepair. “It’s a surprisingly well-used piece of sidewalk by people commuting between [Massachusetts General Hospital] and Government Center,” Roy said.

While the project was already on DCR’s to-do list, Roy said the project was made a higher priority after he viewed a video posted to Twitter in which a bicyclist wearing a head-cam rode along the sidewalk while filming its condition.

As part of the project, 12 cast-iron tactile strips were installed at curb-cuts that Roy said will fade to a patina shade over the course of approximately a dozen years. This came at the request of Rob Whitney, president of the Beacon Hill Civic Association board of directors.

Because Mugar Way is within the historic district, Whitney asked that cast-iron strips be used instead of the traditional plastic ones. Roy replied that DCR would be willing to grant this request if the cast-iron strips were no more expensive than those made of plastic, which turned out to be the case. And one day later, Roy delivered on his promise.

“The commissioner was great to work with,” Whitney said. “Beacon Hill residents are extremely thankful that DCR has repaired the sidewalk, and everyone is thrilled.”

Meanwhile, Roy credits Jason Santos, project manager, for finishing the job in just six weeks.

“Jason did a super job for us…and this is just one more example of how responsive he is,” Roy said.

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