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Plan for 82 Mount Vernon St. raises grave concerns

Dear Editor:

I am writing to inform you of what is happening at 82 Mount Vernon St., here in Beacon Hill. Back in July of 2017, a developer purchased the entire building for $4 million with a loan from Hingham Institution of Savings for purchase and construction. As you might know, the developer has allegedly dug out the basement approximately 3 feet and is planning on converting the previous storage, non-habitable space into livable square feet increasing allowable FAR in the historic district.

In Beacon Hill, we have protections against this type of activity and in our zoning district… if people want to add living space, they need to file an appeal with the Zoning Board of Appeal, which triggers a public vetting process where neighbors can learn about the project, attend a community meeting, attend a Mayor’s Abutters Meeting and also voice any concerns at the public zoning hearing.

The developer has not received Beacon Hill Architectural Commission approval (or Certification of Non-applicability of Statute), and I have requested that the Commission review this application.

I am writing to you so that you are aware that the developer has approved permits to remove the rear façade off of the Beacon Hill townhouse, install a glass curtain wall that is three stories tall, and add a huge 48-foot-tall steel tower containing three 300-square-foot decks off the rear. These changes are an abomination to the historic house and Beacon Hill and will severely adversely affect the neighbors.  I have had 3-D images professionally produced from the submitted plans and have attached them for reference. The horror was worse than I thought.  You can see for yourselves.

I have filed an appeal to revoke the permit.

John Corey

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