Beacon Hill Architectural Commission Agenda

The Beacon Hill Architectural Commission will hold its monthly public hearing on Thursday, July 19, 2018 starting at 5:00 p.m. in the Piemonte Room on the Fifth Floor at City Hall.

The following items will be discussed:

  1. Design Review

18.1410 BH 82 Mount Vernon Street: (Continued from 06/2018)

Applicant: Steven Young

Proposed Work: Repair and repaint front doors, trim, handrails and shutters; repaint copper oriel; replace all 12 double hung windows on front elevation due to severe rot and some replacements with TDL double hung, true wood 6/6 windows with insulated glass and half screens.

18.1407 BH 87 Pinckney Street (Continued from 06/2018)

Applicant: Linda Ward

Proposed Work: Replace existing pendant light at front entrance with recessed lighting.

18.1415 BH 11 Chestnut Street (Continued from 06/2018)

Applicant: Joe Holland, M. Holland & Sons Construction, Inc.

Proposed Work: Replace all historic 6/6 window sashes on front elevation with insulated glass sashes.

18.1389 BH 40 Beacon Street

Applicant: Guy Grassi, Grassi Design Group

Proposed Work: Construct 4th floor addition at existing 3-story ell connecting previously approved addition to the existing 4-story carriage house; install shutters on front elevation.

18.1330 BH 133 Charles Street

Applicant: Millicent Cutler, Ouimillie

Proposed Work: Install 26”x20” solid oak, painted projecting sign using existing bracket.

18.1524 BH 141 Cambridge Street (First Harrison Gray Otis House)

Applicant: Benjamin Haavik, Historic New England

Proposed Work: Install iron hand railings at front entrance; install irrigation line; install four security cameras.

18.1527 BH 1A Acorn Street

Applicant: Brigid Williams, Hickox Williams Architects, Inc.

Proposed Work: Install wrought iron guard rail at roof of rear ell.

18.1521 BH 158 Mount Vernon Street

Applicant: Dustin Nolin, DNA Architecture

Proposed Work: Replace front door to match adjacent homes; replace garden level door; replace existing rooftop deck in expanded footprint. (See Administrative Approval/Review items below).

  1. Administrative Review/Approval

18.1512 BH 43 Anderson Street: Replace three window sashes on second story in kind with 6/1 wood TDL windows.

18.1406 BH 34.5 Beacon Street, Unit 4S: Replace 11 curved and straight sashes in kind with 1/1 wood windows.

18.1396 BH 17 Bowdoin Street: Replace three non-original sash sets on third story of the front elevation in kind with 6/6 wood TDL windows.

18.1518 BH 12 Brimmer Street: Repoint mortar in kind; at rear elevation, remove fire escape and infill brick to match existing; repair sills and lintels; install brick mold around window to match existing; repair rotten wood on dormers.

18.1447 BH 120 Charles Street: Repair window sashes and storm windows in kind.

18.1509 BH 142 Chestnut Street: Replace five non-original sash sets on third story of the front elevation in kind with 8/8 wood TDL windows.

18.1511 BH 32-34 Hancock Street: Replace asphalt shingles at roof in kind in “Black Pepper”; replace awning fabric at dormer in “Driftwood Tweed”.

18.1530 BH 19 Joy Street: Repair five 2/2 windows on third story front elevation and paint to match existing.

18.1423 BH 36 Joy Court: Replace existing 6’-0” cedar stockade fencing along side yard; attach five panels of treated lattice fencing for ivy wall; install single lattice panel at wall and alley end for ivy wall.

18.1525 BH 11 Louisburg Square: Replace 14 windows on front elevation in kind with TDL, wood, double hung windows with curved sashes at bowfront; repaint and repair shutters; repaint ironwork; repaint previously painted stone window sills.

18.1526 BH 148 Mount Vernon Street: Replace existing painted metal roof on oriel with flat seam copper roofing; repair and replace sections of rotten wood at oriel panels in kind; repaint oriel to match existing.

18.1521 BH 158 Mount Vernon Street: Replace eight non-original Colonial Revival windows on front elevation with 2/2 wood TDL windows; replace window casing in kind; repoint mortar to match existing; repair lintels on rear elevation; relocated mechanical venting to roof. (See Administrative Approval/Review items below).

19.019 BH 50 Myrtle Street: Replace existing playground equipment; install new landscaping and hardscaping at playground.

18.1386 BH 71 Myrtle Street: Remove existing roof deck to replace flat roof and construct roof deck in lesser footprint with low-profile black metal railings.

18.1452 BH 115 Pinckney Street: Paint front door black; repair oriel and paint in kind.

18.1440 BH 81 Revere Street: Replace two non-original 2/2 wood windows at basement level in kind with insulated glass sashes; remove security bars at basement level windows.

18.1505 BH 30 Temple Street: Replace three non-original 6/6 sash sets on third story and replace with 6/6 TDL wood, double-hung windows with insulated glass.

18.1533 BH Various Locations in Public Right of Way/Sidewalks: Repair sections of brick sidewalks using “Boston City Hall Pavers”.

  1. Review and Ratification of April 19, 2018, May 17, 2018 and June 21, 2018 Minutes
  2. Staff Updates
  3. Adjourn

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