BHV Hosts Presentation on Diets and Nutrition

Beacon Hill Village presents Dr. Walter Willett, an internationally renowned expert in nutrition.  Dr. Willett will discuss the conflicting claims of some popular diets, the latest findings on which foods promote better health and new research on the effects of Vitamin D and Omega 3. Research shows that eating well, keeping your weight in a healthy range, and exercising regularly can help prevent diabetes, heart attacks, cancer, and other medical problems.  Dr. Willett will answer your questions about what “eating well” really means.

Monday, April 29 3 p.m. Boston Public Library, 700 Boylston St.  Free.  Please phone 617-723-9713 to register. Dr. Willett is a Professor at the Harvard School of Public Health and the Harvard Medical School. His book Eat, Drink, and Be Healthy with Patrick Skerrett offers recommendations for eating healthfully to live better and

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