Letter to the Editor

I Support Jennifer Nassour

Dear Editor:

As a lifelong Democrat, I was prepared to oppose Jennifer Nassour’s positions when I have encountered her on public TV and radio in the past few years.  I was, however, quickly intrigued by the measured, reasonable, and articulate manner with which she expressed her views.  As the current President’s administration unfolded she conveyed her criticism of him professionally while supporting her stance in representing the minority party in our very Blue State.  Upon quickly becoming a fan, I have bumped into Jenn on multiple occasions, and found her to be approachable, friendly, and straightforward.

Many of the issues facing our city – housing, neighborhood services, education, public health and safety – are nuanced and require a City Councilor with first-hand understanding coupled with applicable exposure working in various types of organizations.  Jenn brings several years of just such exposure – in government, as an attorney, Party Chair, political commentator, and supporter of women as CEO of Reflect U.S.  Her practical, indisputable experience as a hard working negotiator, administrator, and communicator is unmatched in this race.

 In the current political climate it is critically important that we put aside long-held party affiliations and put forward candidates based on integrity, commitment, and proven capabilities.

 I am pleased to support Jennifer Nassour for Boston City Council and would encourage other District 8 Democrats to do the same.

Liz D’Angeli

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