Antonio’s Offers Unique Way To Show Gratitude to MGH Staff

Antonio’s Cucina Italiano is offering patrons a unique way to show their gratitude to Mass General with a special offer for food deliveries to the hospital’s doctors, nurses and other employees working in the age of COVID-19.

Steven Colarusso, owner of the restaurant at a 288 Cambridge St., said good Samaritans can call 617-367-3310 and provide their credit card number for a delivery to a specific MGH staff member. They can select particular dishes for a recipient from the online menu at, or instead provide the restaurant with the recipient’s contact information and Antonio’s will contact them directly for their orders.

If someone would like to contribute to the cause but doesn’t have a recipient in mind, they can also opt to provide their credit card number to the restaurant, which will then select MGH staff members from a particular floor of the hospital.

The restaurant would choose recipients from different floors in the hospital each day to ensure that donations are distributed evenly among MGH staff, Colarusso said, and food deliveries will happen at the street level to ensure the safety of all.

Moreover, Antonio’s is also showing its gratitude to Mass General by taking 20 percent of all donations to hospital staff, “so we’re helping out, too,” Colarusso said.

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