Rep. Livingstone and Councilor Bok Step up to Help Feed Those in Need

State Rep. Jay Livingstone and City Councilor Kenzie Bok helped distribute more than 200 boxes of food to residents in need at the Anderson Park apartments at 250 Cambridge St. and the Blackstone Apartments on Blossom Street Tuesday morning.

Rep. Livingstone and Councilor Bok joined volunteers and staff from their offices, as well as staff from Sen. Sal DiDomenico’s office, to distribute boxes of produce and dry goods at that time in partnership with the Boston Resiliency Fund through the Greater Boston Food Bank.

State Rep. Jay Livingstone, City Councilor Kenzie Bok and others are seen distributing food boxes Tuesday morning.

“The city has really had to step up in fighting food insecurity,” Councilor Bok said, “and that is an aspect of this crisis that will be with us a while.”

The food distribution also comes at a time when, among other resources, the food pantry that ABCD (Action Boston for Community Development) operates at the West End library is currently closed.  “There’s been a big effort to try to replace some of that food access,” Councilor Bok said.

 “I’ve been doing a lot of work to make sure we know about pockets of acute food need in the district because in this crisis, when people have so many concerns, no one should be worried about going hungry,” Councilor Bok added. “And also, especially vulnerable elders shouldn’t be risking their health to get food.”

Rep. Livingstone said it was “great to coordinate” with Councilor Bok and Sen. DiDomenico on the effort, and that he is “really appreciative to the Boston Resiliency Fund for providing this great resource.”

Added Livingstone, “Blackstone in particular was very cooperative, and we hope it helps everyone get through this time.”

Meanwhile, Rep. Livingstone, Councilor Bok and others plan to distribute approximately 350 more boxes of food to residents of Beacon House, the Peter Faneuil House and the Amy Lowell Apartments tomorrow, Friday, May 22.

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