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Every spring, the Beacon Hill Civic Association publishes its Annual Report covering committee accomplishments during the past year. We’ll be sharing the committees’ reports here over the next weeks.

BHCA and Chair of the Streets & Sidewalks Committee Rajan Nanda.

Streets & Sidewalks Committee

The Streets and Sidewalks committee had another busy and productive year, despite being impacted by COVID-19 during this last quarter.

Major accomplishments include the following:

1. In partnership with The City, the Committee supported the Collapsible Bin pilot project on the Hill. It is hoped to continue with this pilot once the current situation improves sufficiently to be able to safely handle collapsible bins.

2. The Streets & Sidewalks Dog Waste Sub Committee came up with a plan, under the guidance of Renee Walsh, which includes certain selected locations throughout the Hill where dog waste can be disposed of and will be picked up by a private vendor. The next step is to start the funding efforts to finance this plan, which hopefully should occur later this year. The Sub Committee’s plan represents a major step forward in dealing with this troublesome issue.

3. The Committee supported a proposal to consider maintaining a planter on the traffic island located at the intersection of Bowdoin and Derne Streets. It is hoped that this proposal can be moved forward later this year.

4. Continued discussions with the City on “hokey” (manual sweepers) coverage on Beacon Hill.

5. Maintained an active, good working relationship with the Inspectional Services Department.

Seeking Administrative Assistant

The Beacon Hill Civic Association (BHCA) is a proactive volunteer organization of neighbors helping neighbors. We are seeking an administrative assistant to support the BHCA’s executive director to carry out the association’s mission, which is to preserve and enhance the quality of life on Beacon Hill. The candidate should be friendly and outgoing, and enjoy working with volunteers, BHCA members and Beacon Hill residents. He or she should be highly motivated with excellent organizational skills and attention to detail, self-directed, able to juggle multiple tasks and be comfortable with database systems. This is a full-time position and the annual starting salary is the mid $30s.

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