BHAC Approves Application for Charles Street Storefront Signage, Window Decals

The Beacon Hill Civic Architectural Commission voted unanimously during its Sept. 18 meeting to approve an application to install new storefront signage and window decals at 40 Charles St.

The dark-gray, wood sign would measure 22-by-30 inches, the applicant said, while raised, brushed-aluminum lettering on it would read “TESS” in 7-inch-high lettering.

Nick Armata, senior preservation planner for the city, requested that the applicant only install one decal displaying the business’s hours of operation, instead of the two that were proposed. 

The commission approved the application as submitted, however, since the façade is symmetrical in appearance, and the signage was deemed appropriate to the historic district.

In another matter, the commission unanimously approved an application for 88 Mt. Vernon St. to replace four six-over-six wood windows, as well as two four-over-four wood windows, in unit 22 facing Willow St., with new wood windows with the same pane configuration, and to remove the existing storm windows on these windows.

On an application for 66 Chestnut St., the commission voted unanimously to approve the replacement of four four-over-four wood windows; three six-over-six wood windows; three one-over-one wood windows; and one10-over-10 wood window at the rear ell, which are all visible from Branch Street; the determination was granted with the proviso that staff visit the site to confirm that the existing buildings are beyond repair. 

An application to install a security gate at the front-door entrance of 11 Irving St. was removed from the agenda at the applicant’s request while another application for a roof-deck replacement in kind at 89 West Cedar St. was also removed from the agenda because it was deemed exempt from BHAC review.

Meanwhile, Jon Marcus of 9 West Cedar St. missed the application date this month, but outlined his proposal to replace a front door and the overhead transom at that location as part of an informal advisory review.  The proposal was well received by the commission, and Marcus is expected to submit an application to the commission next month for official approval.

Lastly, the commission asked an applicant representing 30 Chestnut St. to appear next month to explain why windows and sidelights had been removed from the townhouse’s parlor level without approval from the commission.

The applicant was seeking approval to reconstruct a chimney in kind, but the application was deferred due to potential violations, which are expected to be addressed at the next month’s commission meeting. 

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