BHAC Approves Application to Rebuild West Cedar Roofdeck

During its most recent monthly public hearing, which was held virtually on Jan. 21, the Beacon Hill Architectural Commission approved an application to rebuild a roofdeck at 64 West Cedar St., with the proviso that an existing mockup remain in place and be remanded to staff for final approval.

The commission also approved an application to demolish and rebuild the elevator headhouse designed by Cambridge architect Graham Gund at 4-5 Byron St. This determination came with provisos that the new headhouse be built with a flat roof (instead of a sloped one), which would lower its height from 14 feet to 10 feet, 6 inches, and that the structure is wrapped in copper with no items painted except the door. The commission also requested that the applicant minimize the height of the new headhouse as much as possible.

In another matter, the commission denied an application to install new shutters on a Greek Revival-style brownstone at 69 Hancock St., since there was no proof of any shutters previously at that location, and said if the applicant can find any evidence to the contrary, they should submit shop drawings to staff.

On an application to replace a skylight in kind and build a new shed dormer on the rear façade of 20 Chestnut. St., the commission granted the request, with provisos that the dormers are rebuilt in kind or preserved, and that a new shed dormer be constructed in between them to create a Nantucket-style dormer. The applicant also must submit shop drawings to staff.

The commission voted to continue an application to increase the height of the headhouse, as well to re-clad the headhouse, new seating, wall sconce and pergola at the roof level of 83 Phillips St., after commissioners raised numerous concerns and requested a mockup.

Moreover, the commission approved an application to rebuild the roofdeck in the existing footprint at 64 West Cedar St., with the new structure sitting on perlites to increase the height by 16½ inches. This determination came with the proviso that an existing mockup stay in place and be remanded to staff for final approval. 

An application to install a metal horizontal structural support at lower portion of the door at 31 Mt. Vernon St. appeared on the agenda but wasn’t heard since the applicant failed to appear to hearing.

Meanwhile, Nick Armata, senior preservation planner, said the city has approved the commission’s new online application, which, he said, “should be rolled out in the next month or so.”

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