TEA recommended to receive $14,241 CPA grant from city

The Esplanade Association has been recommended to receive a Community Preservation Act grant from the city for the third consecutive year – this time in the amount of $14,241.

Michael Nichols, executive director of the nonprofit that works in partnership with the Department of Conservation and Recreation to care for and maintain the Charles River Esplanade, said the funds would be put towards the group’s “tree-care efforts” and added that the $10,000 CPA grant it received from the city last year and the one for $27,000 in 2019, have enabled them to plants 80 new trees in the park over the past two years.

“This year, the grant, if ultimately approved, would further continue the Esplanade Association’s ability to further grow its tree canopy on the Esplanade,” Nichols said.

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