Livingstone Files Bill to Increase Tax Deduction for Childcare

Massachusetts taxpayers could get some additional relief, thanks to Rep. Jay Livingstone, who has filed legislation that would significantly increase the state’s tax deduction for childcare.

“Families are struggling throughout the Commonwealth”, Rep. Livingstone said, “and one of those struggles is childcare.”

The state currently allows a taxpayer to deduct the cost of childcare incurred while they’re working or seeking employment for a maximum of $4,800 for one qualifying child or for $9,600 for two or more qualifying children. The allowable tax deduction hasn’t increased since 2002, said Rep. Livingstone, despite the fact that “childcare costs have gone up exponentially since then.”

The bill that Rep. Livingstone has filed would double the allowable tax credits to a maximum of $9,600 for one qualifying child and up to $19,200 for two or more children.

“Most families will get help,” he said, “and only those at the lowest income will be able to take advantage of the full amount.”

Rep. Livingstone added that some Massachusetts taxpayers had to cover the cost of childcare themselves last year without the benefit of a tax deduction.

“This is a way to provide some level of tax relief for struggling families,” Rep. Livingstone added.

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