Upstairs Downstairs Home Fully Open and Celebrating its 29th Anniversary

Upstairs Downstairs Home, actually named for the PBS television series “Upstairs Downstairs” in 1992, will be celebrating its 29th anniversary this year.  

That’s remarkable by any standard, but having survived the pandemic, crippling lockdowns and the unrelenting and ever-changing restrictions makes it even more so.  Add to that a complete move to a new location to 69 Charles St. (the site of the old Red Wagon store) and all that entails. 

Since January, owner Laura Cousineau, and an army of talented contractors have been working around the clock to redo, redecorate and reimagine the new space.  Fifty-two gallons of primer and paint have been expertly applied to walls, floors and ceilings. Even a Carrier UV light was installed into the air system for cleaner air. Crew after crew of painters, electricians, plumbers, carpenters and cabinet makers worked tirelessly to transform the store into a real thing of beauty. Their expertise and pride in their work has produced an amazing backdrop for Laura to utilize her years in design to create eye-catching vignettes of home styling for all tastes. 

Most importantly, Laura has always maintained the original owner’s concept of offering affordable antiques and furnishing for all who enter. 

All this, of course, is wonderful news for Beacon Hill, but also caught the interest of WCVB-TV and the Channel 5 News Team who came to interview Laura a couple of weeks ago.  You can watch that interview on the Upstairs Downstairs website at

The new location and increased space (Upstairs AND Downstairs) has opened new ways to accommodate the many new home furnishings both old and new; decorative objects; china; stemware; silver; and exquisite local artwork, with new additions in home decor. They are spending a lot of time to arrange items in warm, welcoming and creative settings to make customers and visitors feel at home.

  In addition, they’re always updating and reinventing their social media, where you can find special deals and fun interactive activities like “Guess if the Price is Right,” where you can win a prize.  In-store fun for customers is always a priority and delight, like the Advent Calendar promotion and the free giveaways last Christmas. This spring, look for “You’re a Good Egg” promotion around Easter time!!

“It has been quite a journey for us,” says Laura.  “Last spring, we were down 95 percent and closed for three months and we have worked hard, borrowed from ourselves and fought to remain in business. We are forever grateful for our loyal and kind customers and a dedicated staff that we have been able to overcome so many obstacles and still be here.  Now that we are fully open we look forward to seeing everyone and being able to thank everyone in person. Our friendly crew will be on hand to greet you and will  look forward to answering your questions and learning more about you and what in the future you may have been searching for to furnish your homes or perhaps finding that perfect gift for friends or relatives.” 

For three decades, Upstairs Downstairs Home has been an important fixture in the Beacon Hill Neighborhood, not only providing wonderful merchandise, but giving back supporting many local charities.  As WCVB reporter Josh Brogadir mentioned in his piece, Upstairs Downstairs Home “is proof that sometimes what is old can be new again.”

Store hours will be from 10:30 a.m.  until 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday and Sunday, noon to 5 p.m.

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