National Grid Replacing Leaky Gas Main on Temple Street

National Grid’s ongoing work on Temple Street will take five months to complete, and involves the replacement of a leaky elevated pressure plastic gas main that was installed in 1977, according to Christine Milligan, a spokeswoman for the utilities company.

The project area covers Temple Street between Cambridge and Derne streets, behind the State House, according to Milligan, and work there entails replacing the existing 4-inch plastic main with an 8-inch steel main, as well as replacing 42 gas services on Temple Street from the old main to the new one.

“The primary driver for the replacement project is to eliminate gas leaks from the services and the main.” Milligan said.

Additionally, National Grid is installing a 6-inch elevated pressure plastic main beneath Ridgeway Lane between Cambridge and Derne streets, said Milligan, to maintain service to the State House.

(The interconnections of streets also feed into other areas in some cases, said Milligan, so National Grid also needs to maintain the connections to ensure supply to areas beyond Temple Street.)

Most of the project falls under the umbrella of the Gas System Enhancement Plans (GSEP) program, Milligan said.

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