Acting Mayor Janey Cancels Last Minute on Mayoral Forum

Acting Mayor Kim Janey was the only missing candidate for mayor of the six major candidates who have declared during Tuesday night’s lively Ward 4 and 5 Democratic Committee.

Janey had been committed and confirmed to the 6:30 p.m. Forum earlier in the day, but cancelled last minute in order to speak at a 6 p.m. press conference regarding the verdict rendered in the Derek Chauvin case in Minnesota.

There was no official announcement made about Janey’s absence at the Forum, which began around 6:45 p.m., but Moderator Callie Crossley did mention that she was not able to make it due to the breaking news on the Chauvin verdict.

Janey’s campaign told the Sun that the acting mayor had put a stop to all political activities on Tuesday night in light of the verdict.

“In light of the verdict in the trial of the murder of George Floyd, Mayor Janey has pulled down all her political activities this evening to focus on the needs of the City of Boston,” read a statement. “The Mayor will be addressing the City, meeting with her City Hall team and connecting with community leaders throughout the evening.”

Many had wondered about Janey not taking out Nomination Papers yet, but the campaign reported she did so on Wednesday afternoon.

Of the six candidates, until Wednesday, she had been the only one not to have taken out Nomination Papers – though the campaigns have until May 11 to do so. All five of the other major, declared candidates took out Papers last week, on April 12.

“The work ahead of us requires bold leadership — and we’re just getting started,” stated Janey on her social media page.

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