‘Spring Eternal’ Event Winners Recognized at Celebration Held at 75 Chestnut Restaurant

On Tuesday, June 22, dozens of intrepid souls braved the elements through waves of torrential rains and clapping thunder and made their way to 75 Chestnut restaurant to receive prizes they had won during the recent “Spring Eternal” event on Charles Street. 

There were 34 winners in total out of 200 entries. Twenty-seven made the arduous trek to 75 Chestnut and although they arrived rain-soaked, cold, wet, and damp they were greeted warmly with great fanfare and enthusiasm by host Markus Ripperger, President and CEO of the Hampshire House Corporation, and his staff of merrymakers, including event coordinator Mark Duffield.

For the next two hours with crescendos of rigorous cheers and applause every one of the award winners received their prizes that had been generously donated by the 34 businesses that participated during the May 22 “Spring Eternal” event.

In addition, a separate raffle was conducted by Markus Ripperger for the guests that accompanied the award winners.

All in all it was a huge success for the 50 assembled and all came off without a hitch as the stormy weather outside couldn’t affect or dampen the joyous spirits inside.

“Through the years, Hampshire House Corporation (Hampshire House, 75’s, Cheers) has been proud to be a sponsor and organizer of many Beacon Hill events. In 1980, Thomas A Kershaw, owner of HHC, founded the Beacon Hill Business Association. Though his businesses were not on Charles Street, he recognized the importance of small businesses working together, helping each other and the community. This is why he and his team created and still supports events such as the Christmas Stroll and Garlands & Greens, among many others, and why Hampshire House Corporation is a principal supporter of the fledgling “Spring Eternal” event, which hopefully will now become an annual event.

“Thank you to Mark Duffield for creating and executing such a great event in a time of special need for all businesses in the neighborhood,” said Markus Ripperger, President, CEO Hampshire House Corporation.

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