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Scoop the Poop

Have you noticed a recent proliferation of poo, bagged or not, on the sidewalks and even left on the street? Read on to understand the health hazards caused by this irresponsible behavior.

As a dog owner, you can help prevent contamination of local waterways and parklands from dog waste by picking up after your dog. After picking up the dog waste, it should be placed in a trash receptacle or a place specifically reserved for dog waste. Never throw dog waste onto the street or into the grates in the street – these grates are catch basins, which are part of Boston’s underground storm drain system.

Why Scoop

Pet waste contains potentially harmful microorganisms which can cause stomach illness and rashes in humans. Pet waste that is not scooped up or dumped down a catch basin can get flushed directly into storm drains. These storm drains discharge directly to Boston Harbor, or the Charles, Muddy, Mystic or Neponset Rivers. Thousands of people boat, fish and use these water bodies recreationally every day.

Pooper Scooper Law

The City of Boston’s dog fouling ordinance, section 16-1.10a, also called the “Pooper Scooper Law,” requires dog owners to remove and properly dispose of any feces left by their dogs. This ordinance covers waste left by dogs on sidewalks, streets, parks and neighbors’ yards. Violation of this regulation is punishable by a fine of $50.00 for each occurrence. If you have any questions about the “Pooper Scooper Law,” please contact the City of Boston’s Animal Control Department at (617) 635-5348.

Help Protect the Environment

• When walking your dog always take a plastic bag with you to pick up the

pet waste. Be sure to place the bag in a trash receptacle.

• Never dispose of pet waste in a catch basin.

• Dog waste CANNOT be used as fertilizer! Never place dog waste near a tree or in soil – the bacteria in the waste does more harm than good and it also can end up in a local waterway!

Help Educate Your Community

The Boston Water and Sewer Commission (BWSC) is dedicated to helping create cleaner, more enjoyable rivers and harbor in the future. Tell a friend, neighbor or family member how to properly dispose of pet waste. Individuals and groups can help by stenciling “Don’t Dump” awareness messages next to the catch basins. BWSC’s Storm

Drain Stenciling Program can help organize such an effort and provide the necessary materials. Contact BWSC’s Communications Department at (617) 989-7000 for additional information on this program.

We need help from the public! So please, pick up after your pet and dispose of the waste properly! The rivers and harbor thank you for it.

 -taken from the Boston Water and Sewer Commission

Beacon Hill Community Grant – Now Accepting Applications

In 2019, the Beacon Hill Civic Association (“BHCA”) decided that a special purpose fund – the Beacon Hill Community Fund (“Community Fund”) – should be created within the BHCA for the purpose of making annual grants to community-based Beacon Hill, Cambridge Street and adjacent neighborhood non-profit organizations, community development corporations, and other civic groups dedicated to promoting and enhancing quality of life in the community.   The application period will close on November 1st, so apply today. To find out more about the Beacon Hill Community Grant and how to apply, visit

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