Help Needed to Find Culprit Using Myrtle Street Playground as Restroom

After an apparent ‘serial defecator’ struck the Myrtle Street Playground four times in five weeks, the Friends of the Myrtle Street Playground is asking for the public’s help in identifying the alleged culprit.

The incidents took place Aug. 31; Sept. 17 and 21; and Oct. 5, respectively, and in each instance, human waste was left overnight on playground equipment and toys.

The Friends group has notified Boston Parks Commissioner, Ryan Woods, along with the Boston Police Department’s Community Services office and the state’s Department of Public Health, of the situation.

Additionally, the Friends is now proposing a lock for the playground during the evening for safety reasons, while Boston Police said they would regularly stop by the playground on their patrols of the neighborhood.

The Friends has also reached out to Boston Police about forming a Crime Watch group for people who live in the area and want to keep it safe (check upcoming editions of this publication for more information).

The Friends group is also asking for the neighborhood’s help in keeping an eye out for poor or illegal behavior and to let them know what they see at [email protected].

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