Beacon Hill and West End Both See Substantial Reduction in Rodent Complaints

Beacon Hill has seen a 34.8-percent decrease in rodent complaints from last year, while the West End saw rodent complaints decline 33.3 percent in the same timeframe, according to a recent study released by RentHop, an online resource for apartment rentals.

Beacon Hill, which ranked third on the list, has had 43 rodent complaints this year, compared to 66 in 2020, while the fifth-place West End has had two complaints in 2021, as opposed to three last year.

(Allston was the neighborhood that had the greatest decrease in rodent complaints, with 124 complaints this year, compared with 286 in 2020.)

Downtown was the most-rodent infested neighborhood, with 451 complaints in 2021 (or 727.4 complaints per square mile), while 130 Endicott St. in the North End was the most rodent-infested address, with 12 complaints this year.

“After a tough year with rats roaming around, we have some good news for Bostonians – 311 reports involving rodent activity are down 10 percent this year,” according to RentHop. “As of November 10, Boston 311 received 3,225 rodent activity reports in 2021, which translates to 4.71 complaints per 1,000 population.”

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