Prostate Health: Innovations and Prospects With Faina Shtern, MD

Are you a man or do you have a man in your life whose health you care about?  Then you need to care about prostate health.  In the last ten years awareness of prostate cancer and various other prostate conditions has exploded, as have ideas about and modalities for treatment.  An important advocate behind these changes is the AdMeTech Foundation, headquartered right here in Boston.  Much of the energy behind the foundation is its tireless executive director, Dr.  Faina Shtern.  Come hear her talk about the foundation’s work in helping to revolutionize prostate treatment and to advocate for the overwhelming majority of men who, during their later years, will have to grapple with the embarrassments, anxieties and sometimes difficult choices around prostate treatment.

Dr. Shtern has built her career providing international leadership for designing and implementing groundbreaking programs in prostate cancer research, education, awareness and advocacy, with the priority focus on the advancement of diagnostic tools.  She has served as Chief of the Diagnostic Imaging Branch of the National Cancer Institute, Director of Radiology Research at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and the Director of Research at the Department of Radiology at Children’s Hospital Boston.  In each of these roles she has worked to develop multi-disciplinary partnerships of academia, government and industry to speed the development and implementation of novel, transformational radiologic technologies and minimally invasive diagnosis and treatment of cancer and other diseases.

This virtual program is part of Beacon Hill Village’s Living Well Ending Well series offered in partnership with the Boston Public Library.  In order to receive the Zoom link, registration is required online or by calling Beacon Hill Village at 617-723-9713.  Links will go out a day or two before the event.  This is free and open to the public.

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