Bay Village Historical District Commission To Hold Public Hearing on Sept. 13

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The Bay Village Historic District Commission will hold a virtual public hearing:

DATE: 9/13/2022

TIME: 4:00 PM

Please note. This meeting will only be held virtually and not in person. You can participate in the meeting by going to https://us02web.Zoom.Us/j/87672212252 or calling 301-715-8592 and enter meeting id 876 7221 2252 #. You can also submit written comments or questions to [email protected]

I. Design Review

23.0075 BV 18 Shawmut Street (Continued from 8-9-2022):

Applicant: Alison Kispert Proposed Work: At front facade install sign on existing bracket.

II. Administrative Review/Approval:

In order to expedite the review process, the commission has delegated the approval of certain work items, such as those involving ordinary maintenance and repair, restoration or replacement, or which otherwise have a minimal impact on a building’s appearance, to commission staff pending ratification at its monthly public hearing. Having been identified as meeting these eligibility criteria and all applicable guidelines, the following applications will be approved at this hearing:

• Applicants whose projects are listed under this heading NEED NOT APPEAR at the hearing. Following the hearing, you will be issued a Determination Sheet to present at the Inspectional Services Department (1010 Massachusetts Avenue) as proof of project approval when applying for permits. ISD personnel will send an electronic copy of your building-permit application to the commission staff for review. (To avoid potential confusion, the text of your building-permit application should be consistent with the project description given below.) Commission staff will accordingly authorize the execution of the work, attaching any applicable provisos, reflecting the relevant guidelines and precedents.

• Please note that following issuance of the determination sheet no further correspondence will be issued for the applications listed below. The electronic building-permit application as annotated by commission staff will constitute your Certificate of Appropriateness; this will be valid for one year from the date of the hearing. The applicant is required to notify the commission of any project changes; failure to do so may affect the status of the approval.

If you have any questions not addressed by the above information, please contact staff at 617.635.3850 or [email protected]. Thank you.

23.0146 BV 22 Church Street: Replace three fifth-story one-over-one non-historic wood windows in-kind.

23.0187 BV 6 Edgerly Place: Repaint and repaint wood trim at first-story.

23.0188 BV 19 Fayette Street: Repaint and repaint wood trim at first-story.

III. Review of Revised Regulatory Standards

IV. Ratification of 8/9/2022 Public Hearing Minutes

V.  Staff Updates

VI. Projected Adjournment: 5:00 PM

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