Letter to the Editor

Regarding the Harassment Around Boston Children’s Hospital

A copy of the following letter from City Councilor Flynn was submitted to the Beacon Hill Times for publication.

Dear Dr. Churchwell:

I’m writing in regards to the alarming reports of harassment from far right and anti-LGBTQ+ groups targeting Boston Children’s Hospital, and want to offer my support to the hospital, as well as to the staff and patients at your hospital. Boston Children’s Hospital is providing life saving and necessary care to our transgender youth, and it is repugnant that the hospital and its clinicians are subjected to this level of vitriol, and even a bomb threat. I wanted to let you know that I have already reached out to Boston’s Human Rights Commission about this, and am committed to working to address hate, discrimiation, and extremism.

I represent a diverse district with a large number of immigrants and LGBTQ+ residents, and I have made it my priority to address hateful rhetoric and extremism as a City Councilor. This unfortunately is not the first time that extremist groups have targeted our medical professionals. Earlier this year, there were reports of the neo-Nazi harrassment of Brigham and Women’s Hospital medical professionals working on healthcare equity, spreading hateful and false narratives that threaten their safety and work. It is disgusting that medical professionals are being threatened again by hateful groups who spread misinformation and lies about their work.

I have requested that the City of Boston’s Human Rights Commission document this incident, and similar events moving forward, so that the residents of Boston and any hate watch groups or relevant law enforcement organizations are aware of their presence in our city, as well as providing any available resources and support to those who experienced incidents of hate. I have worked closely with the Human Rights Commission on addressing hate crimes and discrimination, and will continue to work with them to bring awareness to these issues of extremism, and stand firmly against any form of hate or discrimination.

I wanted to thank the professionals at Boston Children’s Hospital for their work as a world class institution in our country that provides exceptional care to so many families, and offer any assistance that might be helpful in the future. If you or any staff impacted by this incident would like to speak to me, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at 617-635-3203, or at [email protected].

Ed Flynn, Boston City Council – District 2

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