FOPG’s Common Bathroom Open to Public for Season

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The Friends of the Public Garden’s public restrooms on the Boston Common, are now fully open to the public for the season.

The restrooms are easily accessible for visitors to both the Boston Common and the Public garden, found along MacArthur Mall, halfway between the Charles/Beacon entrance to the Common and the mid-block crossing of Charles Street.

The program has once again been recognized by the Massachusetts State Senate, who granted $50,000 towards this pilot public restrooms initiative. The restrooms trailer includes three women’s stalls and a sink, two men’s stalls, three urinals, and a sink, one ADA restroom, and a security person on-site during hours of operation. The restrooms are cleaned every four hours while open.

The trailer is also a unique site for public art. This season, the Friends are excited to introduce Dawn Spears, whose pieces titled, ‘What It Was Before I & II,’ ‘Best Friends,’ ‘Strawberry Daughters,’ ‘Sequan Weésummis (Spring Sister), and’ ‘Strawberry Matriarchy,’ are installed on the seasonal trailer. This year’s trailer also features an image of the ancient Indigenous landscape that became the Common and Garden, thanks to City Archaeologist Joe Bagley.

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