Super Duck Tour Rules

There is the Duck Tour.

And then there is the Super Duck Tour.

The Super Duck Tour is a 90 minute amphibious “Ocean Duck Tour” that offers a narrated tour of Boston and the surrounding areas main attractions by land and sea.

It differs from the Duck Tour in that it takes you on a cruise – a full-blown cruise – of Boston Harbor.

All the history one hears from the seasoned fellows operating the tour includes a trip through Beacon Hill, with more than a smattering of Beacon Hill history that is, unbelievably enough, right on the mark.

If you’re having visitors in from out of town, this is a refreshing departure from the Duck Tour.

Super Duck Tours drivers are not just old time sea hands. They are as well historians who understand the geography of the greater Boston Harbor area and its historical derivation.

Super Duck Tours board at the Boston National Park’s Gate 1 “USS Constitution” in Charlestown and “swims” through the streets of Boston with a guided tour highlighting the cities long history with information about landmarks and historical facts.

After the street guided tour, the Super Duck makes a “Big Splash” in Boston Harbor where a guided tour commences.

During such a tour taken last week, this writer got a first class tour of Boston Harbor on vehicles that also serve as boats that cost $250,000 and which offer fabulous seating and great unobstructed views.

The Duck Tour craft are from the 1940’s. They are quaint and charming but Super Duck Tour craft are spacious and comfortable, with seating high up.

The Super Duck Tour’s sail round Boston Harbor is a fabulous new venue.

It gives new meaning to the area for those who come here thirsting for history.

For more information or for reservations, those interested can call 877-343-8257 or go on line to

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